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How many predictions I will get?

You will receive 3 to 6 prediction per day. You can see the history of each tipster in the table below for more information.

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The predictions will be send every morning at 7 AM by email. Also you can see the tips any time on this page. You need to log in and click "View Tips" button in "My subscriptions" section.

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The subscription fee is GBP 30.00 per tipster for a week or GBP 50.00 for two weeks.

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You can use Skrill or Paypal - the top and most secure online payment gateways where you can use your bank or debit/credit card to deposit. No any additional charges.

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Name Location Average
Form Options
Charles Telfer Scotland1.70WLWWWResults Subscribe
Daniel Davies United Kingdom1.68WLWWWResults Subscribe
Daniel Murray United Kingdom1.89LWLWLResults Subscribe
Filip Sandem Sweden1.84WWWWWResults Subscribe
Freddie Henderson United Kingdom1.72LWLLWResults Subscribe
Fredrik Kroon Sweden1.75WWWLLResults Subscribe
Gabriel Austin United Kingdom1.77WWWLLResults Subscribe
Henrik Schwarze Germany1.80WLLWWResults Subscribe
Henry Lawrence United Kingdom1.78LLWLWResults Subscribe
Jeff van Weert Holland1.82WLWWWResults Subscribe
Jesper Mogensen Denmark1.80LWLWWResults Subscribe
Joe Eastman England1.63WWWLWResults Subscribe
Joel Allen United Kingdom1.84WLWWLResults Subscribe
Jordan Walton Wales1.83WLWLWResults Subscribe
Julian Schmitz Germany1.74WWLWLResults Subscribe
Magnus Berget Norway1.83WWLWLResults Subscribe
Michal Szwoch Poland1.83LWWLWResults Subscribe
Nazar Stefanec Croatia1.69WWWWLResults Subscribe
Neil Phillips United Kingdom1.81WWLWWResults Subscribe
Nicky Ross Scotland1.77LWWLWResults Subscribe
Raymond Chen United Kingdom1.79WLWWWResults Subscribe
Robert Glover USA1.87LLWWWResults Subscribe
Tom Edwards England1.74WLWWWResults Subscribe